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Cambridge Public School (10+2)


An Institution to Reckon With

To nature creative and resourceful mind who think big, think fast and think ahead, who care for the nation and maker section of the society and imbued with humanistic passion and values.

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Our Academic Achievers

in Xth Class :

1) Tripurary Tiwari   (8.6 CGPA) - 2010

2) Sonu Sharma      (9.0 CGPA) - 2010

3) Neha Sharma      (8.5 CGPA) - 2011

4) Ram Singh           (10 CGPA) -  2012

5) Arshad Alam        (10 CGPA) -  2014

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Er. Nand Kishor Yadav

Principal of Cambridge Public School (10+2)

{B.Tech (Mechnical), AutoCAD Designing, PRO-E wildfire/Engineering}

“Our education should be in full touch with our complete life, economical, aesthetic, social and spiritual and our educational institutions should be in the very heart of society, connected with it by the living bonds of varied cooperation. For true education is to realise at every step how our training and knowledge have organic connection with our surroundings “.